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Tricot d’une Parisienne

Edited par Bunka Publishing Bureau, Japan

The Japanese knitting book “Tricot d’une Parisienne” (96 pages) has just been published on October 20, 2017, at Bunka Publishing Bureau in Japan.
There are presented 21 models (pulls, vests, headbands, caps, etc.), fully explained in Japanese.

The author, Mikiko Gasnier, is the creator of Porcs-épics Tricoteur. She is based in Paris.

All these models are for urban women, and thought to be worn during winter. Most are made with Japanese yarns, but some models are made with French yarns.

Publisher: Sayoko Misumi
Photo: Ayumi Shino (thank you for allowing us to use it for our site)
Stylist: Hiroko Suzuki


The English translation of the pages of the model presented in the book, Lopi style “Vaisselle” sweater (the one on the cover) is now available for buyers of the book in our shop. Be sure to see the description (at the bottom of the book’s product page) if you want it.

Tricot d'une Parisienne
Tricot d'une Parisienne
tricot d'une Parisienne
Livre - tricot d'une Parisienne
Livre et patrons japonais - tricot d'une Parisienne

Works knitted with Rowan yarns

Collective book, published by Bunka Publishing Bureau in Japan, which presents two patterns of my creation

In this knitting book published in autumn 2022 are presented two of our patterns, those of the “Hypnosis” sweater and the “Confectionery” beanie, specially developed for this collective book, dedicated to the yarn of the English wool brand Rowan. They include other famous knitting authors, from Japan and elsewhere.

The “Hypnosis” is a light sweater in fine mohair that is knitted with one thread or with two threads at a time in several colors, which allows you to create shades of colors and changing materials, like an abstract painting.

The “Confectionery” beanie is a beanie generously using 4 colored Rowan tweed yarns. Decorated with a fun, geometric pattern, reminiscent of antique confectionery.

Photo: Kato Shinsaku

Picture book of the most seductive yarns in the world

edited by Seito-sha in Japan. It presents a pattern of our creation, and our hand-dyed wools

This book features wools from around the world and designers who use it daily.

In this book, Porcs-épics Tricoteur presents the philosophy of its creations, and our wools, elaborated and produced by ourselves. Above all, you will find our sweater pattern « Jeu de Billes », specially designed for this book, with a new wool reference.

Indeed, on this occasion, we launched a series of hand-dyed “Mirefleurs” wools.

The sweater “Jeu de Billes” with its many coloured nopples and multicoloured dye, sprinkled with reliefs and grooves traced by marbles, takes on a fun and playful appearance. Its large hairy yarn in alpaca-wool gives this tangle and softness in terms of colours. In addition, this sweater is very, very hot!

Thanks to dyeing, we took great pleasure in imagining this creation from A to Z, from colours to a very precise choice in terms of material.

This book could be published in English later… And we’re going to sell the pattern of that sweater in the next few days.

We will organize knitting classes in the 11th in Paris, with the production of patterns from the book, once a week. If you are interested, feel free to contact us.by email or wih a DM on our Instagram account.

Mirefleurs yarns
Pull Jeu de Billes
mikiko Gasnier

Amirisu Magazine Issue 19 (Automn Winter 2019/20)

Edited by Amirisu, it presents one of our creations

In this knitting book is presented our pattern “Akazukin Scarf”, specially made for this magazine, in Japanese.

The “Akazukin Scarf” model is a reversible and generously sized scarf that has cables on one side and bobbles on the other. It has a removable hood (“Akazukin” means The Little Red Riding Hood.)

This magazine also includes an article about my workshop in the section “Where we dream and work”, introducing fiber workspaces in the world

Autumn / Winter 2019 – Issue 19 – features twelve knitwear patterns by some of our most favorite designers from Japan and abroad, to enjoy slow, relaxing days in your comfortable home.

Participating creators: Bristol Ivy / Keiko Kikuno / Kiyomi Burgin / Trin-Annelie / Alice Caetano / Mikiko Gasnier / Paula Pereira / Megumi Sawada / Miyuki Watanabe / Melody Hoffmann / amirisu

All the wools used for this model of Porcs-épics Tricoteur is also available in our e-shop!

Livre et patrons japonais - tricot d'une Parisienne
Amirisu magazine pattern Akazukin Scarf
Akazukin Scarf
Amirisu knitting magazine - Japan
Fonty wools
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