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Knitting Creative Atelier in Paris

Porcs-épics Tricoteur

Porcelain sweater, Insect-stone, Doll vest… For me, knitting goes further than working with materials and inspirations that come from here and there, from beyond borders. I want to awaken the imagination of modern “porcs-épics”, to transport them to new worlds, made of softness, and sense of freedom.

Photo: ©︎Shino Ayumi

coussin Porcs-épics Tricoteur
“Porcs-épics Tricoteur” is a knitting creative atelier, founded in 2015, based in the Saint Maur district, Paris 11th, which intends its production for an urban lifestyle.

Our name, “Porcs-épics” (means “Porcupines”), comes from the famous parabola of the German philosopher Schopenhauer, “The porcupine dilemma”.

Our creations are thought for these modern porcupines, which wish to snuggle up the ones against the others to warm itself, but who are injured with the contact of spines of their relatives and go away.


This quest for a fair distance with those who surround us depicts us seeking for our place in this contemporary society.

We want that our knitwear bring pleasure, sweetness and heat to all these urban and modern porcupines.

All our products are handmade knitted, one by one, with love. Our inspirations come here and there, without borders, and we take a particular pleasure to choose natural raw materials: pure wool spun in the countryside in Massif Central, embroidery, yarn manufactured in Scandinavia, hemp 100 % organic, vintage buttons found in secondhand trade, screen-printing, wooden pearls, African loincloths, etc…

In 2017, Mikiko launched its online shop. There she shares her pleasure in presenting and selling wool and her original knitting kits, but also to exercise her keen eye on French raw materials, whose qualities she knows well and which she wishes to introduce to knitters from all over the world!

In 2018, she launched the production of 100% natural and French wool.
The first series, “PARIS NATURE”, is dyed by the Parisian vegetable dyeing workshop “Whole Concept”.

Porcs-épics Tricoteur etiquette
Gasnier Mikiko dessin

Published works

pull vaisselle Porcs-épics Tricoteur

Labeled « Fabriqué à Paris (Made in Paris)» 2021


Article in “Mrs”,
the Japanese fashion magazine

Amirisu Arazukin Scarf

Pattern creation for
“Amirisu Magazine” issue 19

popup store Porcs-épics Tricoteur

Expo-collective Popup
at Kyoto, Japan

collection Porcs-épics Tricoteur

Special Porcs-épics Tricoteur
housed by “Lisette”, at Tokyo & Osaka

Chaussettes avec Laines en teinture végétale

Pop up-Workshop at Tokyo & Kyoto

Workshop Porcs-épics Tricoteur

Workshop housed by “Lisette” à Osaka

Porcs-épics Tricoteur WS

Workshop housed by “La Droguerie
at Tokyo & Kyoto

hanks natural dyeing

Launch of the production of “PARIS NATURE” vegetable-dyed wool, 100% natural and French

Tricot d'une Parisienne

Book “Tricot d’une Parisienne”, Bunka Publishing Bureau, Japan

clin d'oeil x porcs-épics Tricoteur

Become a designer at Klin’oeil in Paris

Mikiko Noguchi Gasnier


Born in Kyoto, Japan, in 1973.
She grew up and began her studies in Kyoto, before arriving in France. And she works there in a painting studio and exhibits in a Parisian gallery. She resumed her studies in painting at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts (l’Ensb-a) in Paris, before embarking on a career as a digital graphic designer and art director in communication agencies, still in France. After her marriage, she returned to analog creation and a passion that had always personally animated her by launching “Porcs-épics Tricoteur”. Today she sells her works and knitting kits in stores (in Tokyo, Kyoto, Paris etc) or in her own e-shop. (photo: ©️ Ayumi Shino)

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