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“‘Crockery’ Lopi sweater” featured in our book “Tricot d’une Parisienne”, black & gray version

This “‘Crockery’ Lopi sweater” in its black & gray version was created during our popup expo, which was held in Japan in 2018.

The original model, ecru and blue, was presented in our first Japanese knitting book “Tricot d’une Parisienne” published by Bunka Publishing Bureau.

We also knit it to order.

Our e-shop allows you to buy this Pure Mohair, which is produced by a French angora goat farm.

Our hand-knitted sweaters are labeled “Fabriqué à Paris (Made in Paris)” 2021!

Porcs-épics Tricoteur ‘Crockery’ Lopi sweater
Knit wool - Au fil des Nuages Pure Mohair orage gray or black
Porcs-épics Tricoteur etiquette
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