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Wool cushions “Stone-insect” No. 1 02, 1 03, 1 04: Ladybug, Caterpillar & Hylotrupes *unique piece*



These cushions are one of the creations of our “Pierre-insecte” series, of which the cushions are unique pieces.

Knitted and embroidered one by one, they present a variety of insects, colors, and stone shapes.

These cushions are made of natural materials and with vintage buttons. All the cushions are numbered.


Wool cushions “Stone-insect”

The number of this stone-insect: 1 02
size: around ** x ** cm

The number of this stone-insect: 1 03
size: around ** x ** cm

The number of this stone-insect: 1 04
size: around ** x ** cm

Materials: several different yarns of wool, 100% natural
Padding: Polyester


Weight 0.510 kg

No. 102 Ladybug, No. 103 Caterpillar, No. 104 Hylotrupes

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