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“My hands” No. 1 : naturally hand-dyed mittens

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I’m used to seeing my own hands, but sometimes I stand in awe of other skin tones.

Human hands and feet are so beautiful. I think about what would happen if I woke up today with different hands.
Why not wear accessories or clothes that you wouldn’t normally choose?

In order to reflect the subtle color of the skin, I use vegetable dye threads, specially dyed by Whole (natural dyeing atelier in Paris).
Hand knitted by Porcs-épics Tricoteur. Unique piece.

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“My hands” No. 1 : mittens, back of the hand is naturally hand-dyed.
Materials: several yarns of different wools, and 100% natural. The skin wool is naturally hand-dyed, specially dyed by Whole (natural dyeing atelier in Paris).


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