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Big Budgerigar cushion No.2 02: Plush, knitted wool *unique piece*

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This specie of Australian birds is special and magical. With their colorful and varied plumage, every plush is different, like a flock of birds would be in reality!

This serie “Budgerigar” is part of the line Unique Pieces, each budgerigar is numbered.

I created this little bird in large format, making this toddler’s dreams come true in this adorable soft teddy bird!

For its design, I used a lot of different wools, all 100% natural and very soft.

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Big Budgerigar cushion No.202

Birds are my favorite motif.
My childhood desire to be able to hold a big bird in my arms has come true!

The bird will be delivered in its packaging, a printed cotton bag representing a birdcage.

The number of this budgerigar: 2 02
size: 50 x 32 cm (approx.)
Materials: several different yarns of wool, 100% natural
Padding: Polyester


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