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Booklet Kit No.1 Diagonal pattern Tabi style winter socks



The first creation kit of Porcs-épics Tricoteur’s pattern, for summer socks, is perfectly compatible with our new winter wool “Paris Nature”, with vegetable dyeing.

*** We can wind them. Feel free to let us know by mail with you purchase. ***

Booklet Kit No.1 Diagonal pattern Tabi style winter socks

* As we have little stock for this series, some colours which are out of stock or in small quantities here are still available on the page of the corresponding kit(s) or the yarn. So don’t hesitate to contact us if the skeins of the color you are looking for are there, we can sell these skeins to you at retail.
* We can wind them. If you wish, please let us know in the “Message” field when you purchase.
* Each color is dyed in the same bath, but due to the hand and natural dyeing, each piece is different. Thank you for your understanding!


This Booklet Kit No.1 for winter contains these three items:

1. Porcs-épics Booklet No.1 (Diagonal pattern Tabi style socks)

– 16 pages, in three languages (English, Japanese & French), complete explanations with diagrams and texts
– UK size: 4.5, 5 or US size: 6, 6.5 (for the round of foot: max. diameter about 24cm). You will also find an explanation to adjust the size
– Work with a circular needle of 2mm. 78g of yarn needed
– specific techniques: “toe-up” in magic loop, turkish cast-on, wrap & turn, elastic bind-of for rib 1/1
– Illustrated techniques glossary
– Extra, a small diagram allowing you to make normal toes (instead of Tabi style)


2. A Porcs-épics Tricoteur printed original mini bag, 100% cotton

You can use it as a project bag while you knit or offer it with your work 🙂
Designed by a French illustrator, Cécile Bidault, especially for Porcs-épics!


3. A skein (or ball) from “Paris Nature” – 100g

100% baby merino wool, superwash
100g / 400m, 2.0-3.0mm (needles), Made in Paris

Hand or machine wash at a maximum temperature of 30° C
Iron at a maximum temperature of 110° C

Natural and hand-made dye.

We have 2 series, “Aube” and “Champs”

Aube (“Dawn”): 2-color gradient
“blue & light gray”: indigo (blue) + walnut + iron (gray)
“pink & yellow”: garance (pink) + réseda (yellow)
“yellow & gray”: carrot fane (yellow) + walnut (gray)
“pink & turquoise”: garance (pink) + indigo & cachou (turquoise)

Champs (“Fields”): solid but nuanced colors
“brown”: extract of cashew (acacia catechu) + iron + madder
“blue duck”: sulphonated indigo + cashew
“blue”: indigo
“soft beige pink”: avocado core
“tender green”: indigo and Gaude
“orange”: madder


If you want to buy the needles, consult the product “ADDI’s lace circular needles” and select the 2mm ones.
– Lace Circular Needles 775-7: ultra-long galvanized brass tips. Fast as lightning for complex models.
– 2mm / 100cm
– Made in Germany
Addi is a German producer with nearly 190 years of experience. Their top-of-the-range needles have perfect junctions, flexible cables and are light and smooth.

Weight 0.25 kg

Aube "blue & light gray", Aube "pink & turquoise", Aube "pink & yellow", Aube "yellow & gray", Champs "light blue", Champs "orange", Champs "soft beige pink", Champs "tender green", Champs « brown », Champs « duck blue »


Porcs-épics Tricoteur


100% baby merino wool. Natural hand-dyed.


Hand or machine wash at a maximum temperature of 30°C (avoid spinning, drying flat), iron at a maximum temperature of 110°C

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