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Big cushion « Stone-insect » Beetle & Ladybird & Butterfly

Big wool cushion “Stone-insect” Big cushion « Stone-insect » Beetle & Ladybird & Butterfly
Back of cushion « Stone-insect » Ladybugs
Cushion "Stone-insect" Ladybug
Parisian inside decoration - knit

This large cushion is one of the creations of our “Pierre-insect”; series, whose cushions are unique pieces.

River banks or small water currents have attracted me since I was a child, the sound of the rolling waves and the wind shaking the leaves. I dreamed of falling asleep while lying on the pile of cushion-pebbles that call out to me with their mosaic of colours, materials and shapes. Every stone/cushion has a story to tell, with its insects thriving on it.

Knitted and embroidered one by one, these cushions are made of natural materials and with vintage buttons. All the cushions are numbered.

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